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    A Special Lecture by Prof. Daniel H. Kim from University of Texas
       Published: 2013-06-12 19:00
       Our lab invited Prof. Daniel H. Kim, University of Texas, to give a special lecture on June 12, 2013. Before the special lecture, Prof. Kim visited our lab, and had the academic exchanges with us. Each group in our lab introduced their research results and got a lot of valuable advices from Prof. Kim.
       Title: 「Current Minimally Invasive Robotic Assisted Surgeries」
       Abstract: Robotic-assisted surgeries for simple and complex procedures have become routinely performed in surgical disciplines, including urology, cardiac, and neurosurgery. While conventional surgery has well-developed technology, proven efficacy, and is affordable, surgeons have limited dexterity and visualization and are prone to tremor and fatigue. Robotic surgical systems target these limitations by providing improved dexterity, increased degree of freedom, three-dimensional visualization, and decreased radiation exposure. However, current robotic surgical systems are expensive, bulky, and have a steep learning curve. We propose a new miniaturized robotic catheter with real-time feedback and visualization for minimally invasive surgeries.
    A Special Lecture Held by Prof. Daniel H. Kim
    A Special Lecture Held by Prof. Daniel H. Kim
    Prof. Daniel H. Kim Visited Our Lab.
    Souvenir Photo
    Souvenir Photo
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