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    Special Lecture by Prof. Shugen Ma from Ritsumeikann University
       Author: Maoxun Li   Published: 2013-06-21 19:00
      Our lab invited Prof. Shugen Ma from Ritsumeikan University, to give a special lecture with the title of 「New In-Pipe Inspection Robots: Design and Basic Experiments」 on June 21, 2013. During the lecture, Prof. Ma introduced the mechanical structure and application of the in-pipe robot from the point of view of mechanical design. Prof. Ma also introduced his laboratory and the research results. After the special lecture, Prof. Ma visited our lab, and had the academic exchanges with us. Each group in our lab introduced their research results and got a lot of valuable advices from Prof. Ma.
    A Special Lecture Held by Prof. Ma
    A Special Lecture Held by Prof. Ma
    A Special Lecture Held by Prof. Ma
    Student Asking Questions
    Prof. Ma Visited Our Lab.
    Souvenir Photo
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