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           Aim at operating on industry field, surgical operation and medical application, a novel hybrid wireless microrobot in a pipe has been proposed using an alternate magnetic field and discussed the structure, motion mechanism, and characteristic of the microrobot. Wireless microrobots controlled by magnetic field are used in a wide range of biomedical application.

      Final Goal and Experimental Systems  

           The microrobot has high usefulness to work in arrow area. It can move large and complex area. We developed wireless microrobot and driver system for the locomotion of the microrobot . Driving system for the locomotion of the microrobot is composed of large 3 axe Helmholtz coil and high sensitive magnetic sensor .The large 3 axe Helmholtz coil system is used as the moving energy of the robot and control method .In the further, the microrobot will have an important role in both industrial and medical applications.

    Electromagnetic Actuation System

    Arch-formed experimental system

    3-axes Helmholtz coils system

      Main Results  

    Proposal of hybrid microrobot


    Design of microrobot

      Research Videos  


    Hybrid type

    Hybrid type(screw propeller)

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