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           Researches on autonomous underwater robots have become a hot spot all around the world. Many different autonomous underwater robots have been developed. Our research is about the spherical underwater robots equipped with water-jet-based propulsion system. The propulsion system makes it more flexible when robots carry out motion in water. And we also develop multi-robot system to realize the cooperative and collaborative tasks in the water.

      Key Features

        ・Spherical shape, water-jet propulsion system (The original concept of the research)
        ・Multi vectored water-jet-based propulsion system.
        ・Flexible motions in surge, heave and yaw.
        ・Modularity of components, easy to be assembled.
        ・Intelligent altitude control; intelligent cooperation.

    Structure of the robotic system

    The vectored water-jet-based propulsion system

      Control system 

           We designed a master- slave structure for the control hardware. The master side response for strategies decision, and the slave side response for driving the actuators and sensors. This two-level hardware structure make it more efficient in motion control and sensors feedback, and also improve the controllability in real-time.


    The architecture of the control system

    Hardware and control system

    Basic motions

      Potential Applications

        ・Our goal is to make our robots can collaboratively carry our tasks.
        ・The robot can play a role of mother machine to carry those micro underwater robots.

    The collaborative observation

    Mother machine

      Research videos

    Vertical Motion Experiment for Spherical Underwater Robot

    horizontal motion experiments for spherical undwater robot: (a)linear motion

    horizontal motion experiments for spherical undwater robot: (b) rotation 270 degree

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