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           Bio-inspired underwater microrobots with multiple degrees of freedom (DOF) that can walk and swim smoothly in water or aqueous media are of great interest for underwater monitoring operations including pollution detection, video mapping, exploration of unstructured underwater environments, and other tasks.

      Problems in the Previous Researches 

        ・ Point precision: Until now, most of the underwater biomimetic microrobots are designed with
           swimming motion.
        ・ Flexibility: Just focused on one of underwater motions.
        ・ Multi-functionality: Driven with an open-loop control, could not implement simple tasks such as
           detecting and grasping some objects.

      Research Purposes 

        ・ To aim at underwater microrobots with compact structure, multi-functions, and flexibility used for
           underwater exploration in limited spaces.
        ・ Scientific research of the bio-inspired locomotion for the microrobot design.

      Prototype Biomimetic Microrobots

        ・ Proposed and proved the feasibility of four kinds of bio-inspired locomotions.
        ・ Developed several kinds of underwater microrobots and summarized the design methods for
           efficient and precise underwater locomotions.
        ・ Developed a close loop control system for the microrobots to implement the obstacle avoidance

      Main Results  

    Stick insect-inspired legged microrobot

    Inchworm-inspired Ten Legged Microrobot

    Butterfly-inspired Hybrid Underwater Microrobot

    Fish-like underwater Microrobot

      Research Videos  

    The insect-inspired biomimetic underwater microrobot actuated by 10 ICPF actuators can realize the walking, rotating, floating and grasping motions.

    The wireless control fish-like underwater microrobot actuated by 1 ICPF actuator can realize the swimming motion.

    Our achievements reported in CCTV13

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